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Ghost The Neutralizer SMP Pigment

The Ghost brand, in collaboration with leading artists, has created a line of scalp micropigmentation pigments, including the highly sought-after Ghost Black, as well as Espresso Brown and a Neutralizer. The Neutralizer, specifically formulated to counteract unwanted undertones in the scalp, is a game-changing pigment that provides a natural and seamless look.


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Ultimate Choice
Designed for smp
Optimal SMP Blend
Ghost The Neutralizer SMP: Perfectly Balances Undertones for a Seamless, Natural Scalp Look.
Advanced Formula
Expertly crafted to counteract and balance unwanted scalp undertones.
Natural Results
It delivers exceptionally realistic, natural-looking hair follicles.
Long-Lasting Quality
Made with high-quality ingredients, this pigment maintains its color.

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