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Follicle Fuel – 50ml

Introducing Follicle Fuel, a revolutionary hair solution that combines the power of natural ingredients with the proven effectiveness of minoxidil, complemented by a derma roller for maximum absorption. This innovative product is designed for those seeking a comprehensive approach to hair revitalization and scalp health, making it an ideal choice for individuals exploring options to enhance their hair’s appearance and density.


Ultimate Choice
Designed for smp
Nourishing Essentials
Boost hair growth with Follicle Fuel: a unique blend of natural ingredients and minoxidil, enhanced by a derma roller.
Dual-Action Formula
Blends natural hair-boosting ingredients with minoxidil, known for its ability to stimulate hair growth and thickness.
Follicle Fuel - 1
Follicle Fuel - 2
Derma Roller
The included derma roller maximizes the formula’s penetration, ensuring deeper absorption and more effective results.

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